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The Kennett Underground Railroad presents, "Has Thee Heard?"

On Friday, October 5th, 2012 you are invited to eavesdrop on the conversations of local heroes of the past, such as the Coxes, Barnards, Carters, and Pennocks, as they chat at several downtown Kennett sites about controversies like abolitionism and the “free produce” movement, gossip about the Underground Railroad activities of their neighbors, and hear a fugitive tell of his escape from slavery. 

Visitors will be welcomed between 7 and 9

There is no charge for this event, which is sponsored by the Kennett Historical Commission, Historic Kennett Square & Kennett Underground Railroad Center.

Town Tours & Village Walks- designed to inform, entertain and increase awareness of Chester County's rich heritage and historic landscape.

2013 Tour: "The Real Housewives of Kennett Square" will tell the story of women at different periods in Kennett Square's history. From nurses and teachers to poets and world travelers, these women were as educated and talented as their fathers, brothers and husbands.  And like their modern TV counterparts, just as feisty and surprising!
2012 Tour:  "Scandals, Scoundrels & Spirits"
This tour featured first-hand accounts of some of the mysteries and scandals that puzzled or shocked the quiet village folk of yesteryear.
Gathered from old newspaper clippings and oral history, an assortment of stories  illustrated what Kennett was like in earlier times

For more information contact Karen Marshall, Heritage Preservation Coordinator, Chester County Parks & Recreation, 610.344.6415 or visit the website at


Chester County Board of Commissioners, Dept. of Parks & Recreation.

Chester County Conference and Visitors Bureau

Chester County Preservation Network

Chester County Historical Society

 2010 Town Tours & Village Walks
Kennett Square: “For the Betterment of the Community”

Guests toured our town and learned about the educational, cultural, social and safety organizations that contributed to the betterment of the citizens of Kennett Square.  They heard about the evolution of the Kennett area schools into the largest all consolidated school of its time.  They saw the buildings that housed the volunteer organizations and “met” the individuals that gave of their time and talent to improve conditions in the borough.